YouTube will monetize its content creators with ‘claps’

YouTube will monetize its content creators with ‘claps’

YouTube reported that it will allow its content creators to earn money through applause.

YouTube will monetize its content creators with ‘claps’
This is the applause of YouTube (DPA).

YouTube announced the news that it plans to implement during 2021, this in order to improve the experience within the video platform. These include design updates, built-in purchase options and new ways to monetize, where content creators
will be paid with ‘claps’.
As explained by the social network, what they are looking for is to redefine the video experience, which is why they will try to implement a much easier navigation, compatibility with more video formats and greater parental controls to safeguard the integrity of children’s audiences.

They will also implement changes in the versions depending on the device where it is viewed. For example, the design of the application for tablets will be modernized, so that navigation is much more intuitive on these types of devices. All of this is intended to help «users connect with their favorite content and creators,» they said.

They also reported that they will be working on their YouTube VR service, which aims to «easily search and watch 360 ° videos and virtual reality content using specific devices and viewers,» according to their help website. As for YouTube Kids, the application aimed at a child audience, there will be new tools to help parents much more, with an option that allows you to select videos and channels from the main YouTube platform so that they can be played in their children’s application .

YouTube wants their ‘TikTok’

Just as Facebook has implemented, YouTube will launch Shorts, an option to upload short videos in the style of TikTok and Instagram Reels. This project is being tested in India, and they say it has been widely accepted. Shorts seeks to provide users with tools to easily upload videos having only a mobile device such as a smartphone. We recommend: Microsoft pushes for payment for informative content published online Content creators will monetize with applause Another relevant aspect is the new form of monetization that their content creators will have: ‘applause’, an option that is already in tests and that they would be very close to implementing in the final version of their applications.

«With this feature, creators will be able to access other monetization opportunities with their videos,» they say. Applause, Mashable reports, would work in a similar way to ‘stars’ on Facebook Gaming. It is a kind of tips, where they will give the amount of applause according to the money that fans contribute to their content creators.

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