Why Swiss watchmakers aren’t afraid of the iWatch

Why Swiss watchmakers aren’t afraid of the iWatch

Jonathan Ive, Apple's chief designer.

New technologies have a difficult time competing with traditional Swiss watchmaking.

«Switzerland is in trouble», they say that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief designer, boasted, anticipating the success of the long-awaited smartwatch already popularly known as iWatch, although no one knows for sure when it will go on sale or what it will be called.

Although highly questionable, the idea that Swiss watchmakers, who enjoy an unparalleled worldwide reputation, may be trembling at the arrival of a newbie is so seductive that it captured the imagination of the tech industry.

So much so, that few care if I’ve actually made that comment, or if it’s another advertising magic coup from Apple.

On the eve of 9/9, the date that the industry eagerly awaits to learn about the new models from the tech giant, many wonder if it is true that Swiss watchmakers are not shaking their hands.

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