Why Sharks Threaten Our Internet Connection

Why Sharks Threaten Our Internet Connection


Image source, AFP


It is difficult to quantify the number of shark attacks on fiber optic cables.

In the deep sea, sharks lurk. But the victims are not always fish. Sometimes the prey is fiber optic cables. But why do these sharks like submarine cables that are used in telecommunication networks for data transmission?

When sharks attack, the proof of the crime is often left in place: teeth. But it is difficult to quantify these incidents and determine the specific effects on infrastructure.

George Burgess, director of the Shark Attack Investigation Program in Florida, United States, tells BBC Mundo that there is no database documenting the number of bites – or the damage caused – because it is secret information, both in the military as well as in the industrial area.

«They do not want to document these incidents. The owners of the equipment that suffer any damage do not want it to be known where the problem is. When they ask us to determine what could have damaged a cable that they bring us, they do not even tell us the place. where I was, «he explains.

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