Why does Twitter have a new font?

Why does Twitter have a new font?

Bird that identifies Twitter.

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Twitter’s font style change is revealed shortly after the first major redesign in three years.

Have you tweeted recently? Did you notice something different when you did it? Not? We tell you what happened.

Punctual, brief and without many details, Twitter notified through its official account the arrival of certain changes: «We have made some updates. One is the modification in the typography, to improve the speed (when the page loads) and the readability «, announced Twitter on its official account.

BBC Mundo contacted Twitter for more details about the decision. The answer was that, for the moment, all they had to say was what was read in the tweet mentioned above.

Helvetica Neue will be the default font from now on. «It is a setback in the decision that the company took a few months ago to start using the Gotham typeface,» explains Adario Strange, of the specialized publication in technology Mashable.

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