Why are Chinese women running out of goods?

Why are Chinese women running out of goods?

Chinese woman with son.

Why are Chinese women running out of goods?

A recent survey by real estate consulting firms Horizon Research and Ifeng.com found that in major Chinese cities, men were in 80% of matrimonial titles while women, mostly as co-owners, appeared in only 30%. %.% Files.

In the midst of China’s divorce boom – around 10,000 a day – this difference has become particularly noticeable.

In 2011, the Chinese Supreme Court ruled that in the event of a divorce, the property remains entirely in the hands of the title holder.

According to sociologist Leta Hong Fincher, author of «Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China», this opinion reaffirms age-old discrimination against women.

“Families traditionally prioritize men: family money goes that way. If there is a girl, they prefer to give money to the male nephew to buy a house. Women are therefore at a disadvantage even before they get married. The court ruling makes the situation even worse, ”Leta Hong Fincher told BBC World.

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