What the banknote color says about a country

What the banknote color says about a country

A rainbow of banknotes from various countries

What the banknote color says about a country

It’s hard to imagine a future without cash, despite all the talk that paper money is in danger of extinction. The World Bank states that on average only 50% of adults in the world have a bank account. In other words, cash transactions are here to stay.

And if physical currency is a mainstay, central banks around the world will continue to innovate to keep their currencies safe and widely accepted, as well as to anticipate counterfeiters.

Color has always been a key element. Their combination and the use of security inks protect them from cheaters. In addition, they allow people with limited vision to easily identify them.

Beyond that, the color of silver also serves to differentiate nations from one another. Certain shades have special meaning and symbolism in many countries and cultures.

Find out why countries choose cryptic colors and designs for their coins and more.

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