What happens when a city is completely hacked?

What happens when a city is completely hacked?

Image from the video game Watch Dogs, by Ubisoft.

Image source, Ubisoft Watch Dogs


Hackers control the city of Chicago in the Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs.

After decades, the moment that mayors and government leaders feared so much came: the city of Chicago was hacked. The traffic lights do not work, the streets are in chaos. The city has no electricity and is in the hands of hackers.

This is the setting for Ubisoft’s video game Watch Dogs, in which players control a skilled hacker who can hack into the urban operating system that controls the city’s infrastructure.

But we are not talking about science fiction. It is set in a Chicago of the near future.

As cities become more and more dependent on the network and the ubiquitous sensors that control everything from traffic lights to garbage cans, could it really happen?

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