This is what a city of the future looks like from inside a drone

This is what a city of the future looks like from inside a drone

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This video shows the result of what happens when a musician, a speculative architect and a digital studio start to imagine the future of our cities, full of drones or unmanned aircraft.

The City of Drones project is an immersive digital landscape in which users can travel an infinite and abstract urban environment on the back of a lost drone.

This installation, commissioned by the Barbican and The Space art centers, was devised by musician and visual artist John Cale and Liam Young, whose conceptual creations move between design, fiction and the future.

Artists from the FIELD studio finished shaping the project, which was part of the Digital Revolution exhibition at London’s Barbican center, which concluded this week.

In the installation, visitors can pilot the drone between the buildings, listening in the background to the hum of the city and the multitude of unmanned ships that swarm around like pigeons.

Now, City of Drones will travel the world as part of Digital Revolution’s international tour, which will arrive in Stockholm, Sweden next month to stay until August 2015.

You can see the full installation video on the page of


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