The English dilemma of speaking only English

The English dilemma of speaking only English

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The English dilemma of speaking only English

The English are only concerned with speaking English. At the start of a new school year this week, primary schools for the first time started compulsory foreign language instruction. And employers complain that they cannot find employees who are sufficiently trained in other languages. What languages ​​do you appreciate the most and need to learn?

The question is not only culturally relevant, it also has economic weight.

According to a study by Professor James Foreman-Peck of the Cardiff Business School for the British, the UK could lose some $ 80 billion a year – 3.5% of GDP – due to «linguistic and cultural ignorance «. Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, cited by British newspaper The observer.

Professor Foreman-Peck explained in his report that the lack of language skills ends up acting as a «tax on growth», hampering the development of the export sector in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The study was mentioned in the «manifesto for languages», published in July by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages ​​(APPG), a parliamentary group that seeks to get all political parties to demand more education for people. languages ​​in schools and jobs.

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