Stick Wall Ball Stress Relief Toys Sticky Squash Ball

Stick Wall Ball Stress Relief Toys Sticky Squash Ball


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Product Description

[Ball game fun for everyone]: Whether you are 3 years old or older, balls are designed for people who like baseball or toss. For stressed employees and frustrated teenagers, they are The ideal tool to relieve stress.
[Safe and Durable]: The stress relief ball is soft and will not hurt the child, which strengthens the emotional communication between the parent and children. This is Interesting toys in life. Perfect gift for your friends or yourself to relax.
[Anxiety Stress Squish Ball]: Silicone coat, easy to clean. After use, the surface will absorb some dust, and the viscosity will decrease, and the viscosity will be restored after washing in water.
[Premium Safety Material]: TPR wrapped in silicone material, soft and elastic material can protect the babys fragile gums, Environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic and harmless. You can use it with confidence.
[So Many Uses]: Perfect for the classroom, home or office, they’re great for teachers, students and anyone else. A great alternative to mesh, bead and other balls.
Stress Reliefer- Fluorescent Sticky Target Balls

Material: TPR
Function: luminous, luminous and sticky
Specification: 6cm
Inflation: Yes
Fill in or not: Yes
Filling material: soft rubber particles
Packing: OPP bag
3C configuration category: inflatable toys under 14 years old
Color: red, green, blue
Diameter: 6cm ordinary inflatable, 6cm with lamp
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old), young people (15-35 years old), teenagers (7-14 years old)

Package Content:
1x variant

Additional Information

Peso 45.00 kg
Dimensiones 60 × 45 × 40 cm

Orange Noctilucent, Set, 2Sets, Ordinary 2sets, Green Noctilucent, Glow 4 colors, Random 2PCS, Random 4PCS, White Noctilucent, Green 8pcs, Ordinary blue, Random, Ordinary red, Ordinary yellow, Green 4pcs, Blue, Solid 4 colors, Ordinary green, Random 3PCS, Random 1PCS, Blue Noctilucent, Red, Yellow, Solid color 8pc, Green


4.5cm lamp, 6cm lamp 3pcs, 6cm lamp 4pcs, 2sets 4.5cm, Set, 60mm, 6cm lamp, 65mm, 6cm ordinary, 1set 6.5cm, Ordinary 8pc set, 6cm lamp 8pcs, 2sets 6.5cm, 6cm ordinary 4pcs, 6cm ordinary 3pcs, 1set 4.5cm, 4.5cm lamp 8pcs, 4.5cm, 4.5cm lamp 4pcs, 45mm, 6cm ordinary 8pcs, Lamp 8pc set, Lamp


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