Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6in, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC

Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6in, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC

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Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6, 4GB Ram, 64GB eMMC (XE500C13-K06US)

Funciones y detalles

  • Hasta 11 horas. Duración de la batería con una sola carga
  • Funciones de seguridad integradas para garantizar que esté protegido de virus y malware.
  • Pantalla HD antirreflectante de 11,6″.
  • El teclado resistente a salpicaduras protege contra daños accidentales
  • Procesador Intel Celeron N3060 con memoria 4G y almacenamiento de 64 GB

Product Description

Calidad de Samsung Chromebook 3

El Chromebook 3 es un dispositivo de calidad. Pero no esperaría nada menos de una marca de tecnología líder como Samsung.

Samsung quality. Amazing value.

Chromebook 3

Las funciones de seguridad integradas aseguran que esté protegido contra virus y malware. Sin configuración ni largos tiempos de carga: simplemente inicie sesión con una cuenta de Google y listo. Navegue por su mundo con Chrome OS. Obtenga lo mejor de Google, Gmail, Maps, Docs y Pics, y respalde todo de manera segura en la nube. Y dado que su Chromebook recibe actualizaciones gratuitas automáticamente, solo mejorará.

Chromebook 3

Para cualquier cosa

El diseño fuerte que esperarías de una marca confiable como Samsung. Adelante, deje que los niños lo usen para mirar películas durante la merienda o manténgalo en la cocina sin preocuparse por accidentes gracias a un teclado resistente al agua.

Up for anything

Mantente cargado

Una batería que dura hasta 11 horas con una sola carga 1  significa que puede ver las noticias tomando un café por la mañana, consultar los correos electrónicos durante el almuerzo y luego navegar por las redes sociales después de la cena, todo sin tener que recargarse. Además, está hecho a largo plazo, ya que continúa conservando la mayor parte de su capacidad incluso después de 3 años de uso.

Stay Charged

Ir ligero

Con un peso de solo 2.54 libras, su diseño liviano y delgado facilita el transporte de una habitación a otra. Úselo como un cuaderno tradicional o recline 180 ° para compartir su vista.

Go light

Up to 11hrs Battery Life

Hasta 11 horas de duración de la batería

ENERGY STAR® Certified

10 valoraciones en Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6in, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC

  1. Brittany

    This computer freezes constantly. I used it for literally one day and it froze at least a dozen times. It’s also not easy to use. I am returning this.

  2. Christine

    Having used the Lenovo Thinkpad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Acer Chromebook and now the Samsung Chromebook 3, I know that the Chromebook is superior to the other devices. It is less «touchy» than the Thinkpad, which I found too sensitive to touch. It is almost the same size and weight as my Galaxy Tab 2, plus has the keyboard, which I LOVE! The Acer is similar but bigger and heavier…not benefits to me.I have one HUGE suggestion for anyone who needs apps from Google Playstore like I did. My device did not come loaded with the Playstore App but I had researched enough to know it was capable of using it. After hours of experimentation on my own, I finally called 1-888-891-0696. They gave me their Chromebook reps, who told me I had to call Google to get the necessary update. I called 1-844-613-7593 and was told that they used to handle calls regarding the update but they no longer do, so directed me back to Samsung. This time I called 1-800-SAMSUNG and got a rep that told me they are not capable of doing Google updates, only Google can. She happened to ask did I have any updates that needed attention on my device. Being new to the device, I wasn’t sure, but she walked me through it and in fact I did. IT WAS THE GOOGLE PLAYSTORE APP that I needed!!! Problem solved! Just look down near your photo in the box for the update sign.Once I completed the update and downloaded the Playstore App, I was able to get the Brother printing app I needed, as well as others that I commonly use.Hope this review can save others from the initial hassle I endured because the Chromebook 3 looks terrific in any other way.

  3. TheSentinel

    I have used this computer daily now for about 6 months, spending hours per day on it for an EMT/paramedic class. I haven’t added any apps to it or done anything other than log into my online portion of school and complete lectures, so I can only speak for its basic tasks.It’s extremely fast and has very little lag when opening pages or surfing the web.(*cough’Quizlet’cough*) I use this hooked up to my mobile hotspot from my cell phone mainly, and it allows me access anywhere I have cell service. At school my cell service sucks so I have it set to automatically connect to Wi-Fi and it works great. The size is perfect, it’s easy to toss it in my satchel or backpack along with my textbook and notebooks and have plenty of room. I use the Amazon basics sleeve to protect it, and use an electronic mouse to help perform tasks a little quicker. It’s highly recommended that you purchase an SD card for this to store any documents etc., as it doesn’t have large built in memory. I feel this computer is perfect for students who don’t want to carry around a large laptop and add more weight to your already heavy backpack, but can still perform most of the same tasks as the larger ones and do the majority of school work you need to do. I highly recommend.

  4. Andrew

    This thing is great! I bought the 4GB model which will hopefully last me a few years but it’s nice and snappy now. The 16GB of SSD storage is perfect as I use it for school and the biggest file I might be storing would be a picture. It integrates perfectly with my google account! This thing boots up super quick and it sleek and beautiful. It’s lightweight, has a long battery life and although it’s smaller than a standard laptop, the keyboard is easy to use.Google and partners have done great with Chromebooks and have plenty of features to accommodate. There are multiple physical keyboard shortcuts running along the top of the keyboard to quickly adjust settings. There are also several different hotkey menus which are accessed by keyboard combinations.The only thing I’m bummed about is the lack of Google Play. I’m still giving this thing 5 stars because the Play store should be released soon as it is already available on other Chromebooks.I would highly recommend this to anyone, but especially to someone wanting something that is affordable, easy to use and just a bit more than a tablet.UPDATE 7/21/17 – STILL ROCKSI’ve gotten more use out of this thing than I first envisioned. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and can easily access my Google Drive files that I create and edit on the Chromebook via Goggle Docs. It’s still nice and snappy; I have Amazon Prime music running in one tab, working on a Google Docs file in another and browsing Reddit or searching something on a third tab and there’s no hesitation. I’ve enabled the beta build and enjoy several Google Play Store applications. I added an SD card which has expanded on the 16GB of storage. I’m getting very used to the multiple finger shortcuts on the touch pad when navigating Chrome. For instance: putting 2 finger tips on the touch pad and swiping left or right will act as the forward or back button. Also, «clicking» on a link by using 2 fingers and pressing on the touch pad, you bring up a menu to open in a new tab among other things. I watch Netflix and HBO Now and can definitely notice the lack of 1080p but it’s a «get what you pay for» situation, and I knew that going in. This thing is still fantastic for what it is. If you want a proper laptop then buy one — this is a Chromebook. I’ll be back to give another update in a few months.

  5. SuzyQ

    I love this Chromebook! The keyboard is easy to use, and there is no external noise to contend with. All that was necessary for set up was turning it on and logging into google account, exactly as advertised!I use a computer, primarily for internet access and saving/posting photos. It is fantastic for the things that I need a computer for.Defiantly well worth the money & then some. I highly recommend the Samsung Chromebook for browsing the internet, and for note taking.I couldn’t be happier with this product!

  6. Mike

    I did not see an add as refurbished. but that exactly what i got. I could have got a brand new one for the same price. not happy

  7. Sabine

    Pros:-Extremely lightweight. Weighs less than my journal. I can carry both of them in a reasonably sized purse and not hurt my shoulder.-Boots up in a blink. Hit the power button and plug it in, it will be ready before you are.-Looks and feels nice. The plastic seems sturdy, the keys don’t stick*, the mousepad feels pleasant.-Reasonable volume and brightness settings. It doesn’t get super loud, but for normal usage situations it’s fine.-Syncs flawlessly with my android phone. Google’s integration is as good as apple’s now, I get notifications on the chromebook a little faster than the galaxy usually!-The battery life is excellent (I get 6-8 hours of normal university student usage out of it) and even when I’m using it, it charges as fast as my phone.Cons:-It does slow down noticeably if you’re doing too much at once. If I have a video call going on facebook messenger, chrome will take three or four seconds to respond. However, other than video calls it does really well. I can play a browser game while watching youtube and chatting with friends with only a split second delay when switching tabs. If you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting, this might not be the chromebook for you.-The spacebar is finnicky. It doesn’t like to be tapped too close to the mousepad and sometimes it won’t respond if you press it too quickly. Not an issue for most people, but if you’re a speedy typist it could be an issue- I only notice this problem when I’m going 75+ wpm. Could also just be a flaw in my unit.- The screen touches the keys when the screen is closed, so your keys transfer smudges from the corners to your screen. I’ve only had it for a month but I’ll be monitoring for any long-term damage this could cause.Overall, the problems are fairly minor and for the price I’m happy with what I got. I’m travelling overseas with it, and it goes everywhere I do and does everything I do- except I can no longer multitask and annoy my mother in video calls!

  8. Aaron Boyd

    First time Chrome OS user, very streamlined and easy to use. Works great right out of the box, as advertised. Amazing battery life, I could go on. Would definitely recommend, especially at the current price.

  9. Kaye

    I’m a heavy user and completely in the cloud and this is my only computer. I use it for business. I have it linked to my Android Note 8 (through a third party Chrome app) and it’s seamless. It will run apps from the Google Play store. I usually have many multiple tabs open, expect it to operate like a full blown PC laptop and it generally does exactly what I want it to do. I watch videos, do photo editing, type thousands of words a day on it, stream movies and create Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. I bought this to replace my three year old version of the same Chromebook because all of the letters were worn off the keyboard and some of the keys weren’t working … I’m actively using my Chromebook probably 8 or more hours a day so it would probably last even longer for most people. It’s lightweight and fits easily in a tote or backpack. It holds up well. I use it sort of all day and night and I haven’t found anything it won’t do. The only place I notice this being slow is ironically when I open up Google Inbox and then I get to practice patience for a minute. Occasionally it will get sort of slow and then I’ll go to settings and clear the image cache and that takes care of it. I handle a lot of images so the memory fills up a bit after a while. It comes with 100 gigs of free storage for two years from Google and I’m sold on Chromebook. I usually run it off home wi-fi but I can also tether it to my phone or use public wi-fi. The bluetooth connects easily to everything. The keyboard is nice. I type 100 wpm and I like the keyboard and touch pad a lot. The keys are responsive and quiet. It’s a nice, clean, simple design and easy to keep clean. The only thing I wish Samsung would do is make a little indent where the power cord goes in to help guide the plug in because you kind of have to look when you’re plugging it in. The power cord is super compact and is just the plug and cord with no big clunky thing on it. I’ve been able to find cloud based solutions for every piece of software I was using previously and I don’t miss the PC at all since I went into the cloud in 2015. I really don’t miss having to constantly update my system and all of the software. Google updates are super fast. You basically just restart and you’re ready to go. It boots in seconds although I usually just leave it on constantly. I set my browser downloads to save to my Google Drive so there’s no personal information stored on the Chromebook at all. It’s under $200 and it’s better than my $1200 PC laptop I replaced when I switched to Chromebook three years ago. It’s absolutely silent. No fans grinding away. I sit with it in my lap all day long and it never gets hot. I don’t play video games but I imagine that it would play cloud-based games fine. I’ve inadvertently had more than a dozen YouTube videos playing at the same time and it was sort of noisy but it wasn’t lagging. And when you want to replace it, you just backup anything you’ve stored on the small hard drive and run the power wash on it. The only program I couldn’t find a cloud solution for was Scrivener. But now you can get a virtual hard drive in the cloud for a fairly reasonable monthly rate and run any software you want on the Chromebook. It holds up to constant use and it’s really sturdy despite being really slim and lightweight. The screen hinge is super strong and it’s hard to imagine it breaking unless you dropped it.

  10. Douglas Willis

    I have been using a Chromebook now for three years and am totally satisfied. I bought this This Samsung 11.6″ as a replacement for an older Chromebook that is showing its age a little. For the price you can’t beat a Chromebook. I do 99% of my work on a Chromebook. Chromebooks are light weight and start up immediately and are very easy to use. I’ve gotten to where I despise Windows computers due to their bulk and all of the crashes and problems I’ve had over the years with Windows. My old Chromebook is an Acer and I’ve had absolutely no problems with it. I chose to purchase a Samsung Chromebook this time just to try out a different company and because it was inexpensive ( I paid $189.00). To be honest, I like the feel of the Acer keyboard a little better than this Samsung, but that’s probably because I’m so used to the Acer. I’ve used the Acer so much that I’ve worn off the letters of several keys. This Samsung works as expected and is a good, basic Chromebook.

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