Microsoft Xbox One S Minecraft paquete de Consola 1TB Edición Limitada.

Microsoft Xbox One S Minecraft paquete de Consola 1TB Edición Limitada.

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Xbox One S Minecraft

Obtén el paquete Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition (1TB), que incluye la primera consola Xbox personalizada de Minecraft con diseño de bloques de piedra y pasto rojo, el icónico controlador Creeper verde, el sonido del sistema Minecraft y un soporte vertical . Xbox One S tiene Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, transmisión de video 4K y alto rango dinámico.

Product Description

Microsoft Xbox One S Edición Limitada Minecraft 1TB

Supplied items:

  • Xbox One S main unit (1 TB HDD built-in, Minecraft limited design)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Minecraft Creeper) (Bluetooth compatible)
  • Xbox One vertical stand
  • «Minecraft» download version usage code
  • Red Stone Pack usage code

– Villans

– Redstone Specialist

– Biome Pioneer Pack 1

– Biome Pioneer Pack 2

  • Other accessories

– High speed HDMI cable

– Power cord

– Complete manual

– Gold membership 14 day trial version (use code)

– AA size batteries x 2 (sample)

Model number: 23C – 00017

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I ship within 5 days.

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8 valoraciones en Microsoft Xbox One S Minecraft paquete de Consola 1TB Edición Limitada.

  1. omar martir

    came in as promised, brand spanking new! no issues so far, have played for hours at a time, and the creeper controller hasn’t blown up in my hands ;b. so, it’s all good!

  2. D.T.

    Was going to get the starter bundle on prime day because it was on sale for about $230 but I decided to get this one and I’m so happy I did. The console looks amazing in person. The console has special minecraft sounds when you turn it on and off and when you eject a disk. I’m coming from the original xbox one and I can tell tell you the experience is so much enjoyable, the console doesn’t get really loud, it is way smaller than the original, and its faster. I don’t have a 4k tv so I haven’t been able to try the 4k upscaling, video, or blueray. This is at a great price right now of $280 so go buy it before its too late and goes up in price more. The box is also completely minecraft themed inside and out. Its also transparent at the bottom with redstone on the bottom so it looks like the console is powered by redstone. Buy it you won’t regret it.

  3. wickedlostangel

    Aside from the steep price, I’m not sure what to say about this product except: If you’re a gamer, and a Minecraft addict, this is pretty much a «must-have». Just swallow the price and get the darn thing, you’ll love it like we love ours. Every now and again you’ll glance over at it, have a moment of «first-block Minecraft nostalgia», and you’ll be glad you got it.

  4. Michelle C.

    I love everything about this!! The look, the feel, the space, and it is fast as heck! Just how awesome the whole Minecraft theme is, is just fantastic!! Everything about it!!!

  5. GypsyRiver82

    **Update 3-9-2020 –This console still works like a charm! No issues whatsoever.**This Minecraft Limited Edition 1tb is AMAZING! It has little Minecraft chimes on startup and such. It’s beautiful. It is 4k and HDR. It comes with a little stand you attach to the side for it to stand upright. The bottom has a Redstone design. The top is a dirt block design. It comes with a Creeper controller and batteries. A trial for game pass for a month that expires June 30th, 2018. It also comes with the new version of Minecraft and an add-on pack, both digital downloads. The little boxes each piece comes in are Minecraft themed as well. Definitely worth the buy!

  6. Andrew

    I’ve been a long time Sony PlayStation fan, but my son insisted on buying an Xbox. After playing around with this system I decided I’m not going to be buying a PS4.Now about this Xbox specifically. The Minecraft cues are awesome. The packaging has fun little details, even on the inner boxes. The power on, off and disk eject chimes are all Minecraft themed too. The console itself has a very well done color scheme and the back even has a touch of “redstone.” Oh and the creeper controller is a big hit at our house!Overall, it’s a cool little bundle and I’ll be buying an Xbox one X for the living room.

  7. Ronnie

    I got this as a Christmas present for my daughter and she loves it. Thus is awesome for a Minecraft fan.

  8. SnarkyTexan

    This Xbox bundle is Amazing. The game was included as a digital download code. The system itself is awesome! The detail for the Minecraft design is spot on. Including the Redstone dust on the bottom of the console as if it was truly powered by Redstone dust. The musical Minecraft sounds at start up and shut down are cute. I only bought it because I wanted 1 Tb of memory and you can only get 1 Tb in bundles. Worth every dollar.

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