Micron Soft Toothbrush

Micron Soft Toothbrush


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Product Description

Soft hair, the toothbrush could protect the teeth while cleaning.
Multiple designs, there will be one suit you demand.
Strong cleaning, it could clean the teeth well.
There are about 20000 bristles, brush teeth would be more efficient.

Applicable people: General
Product Category: Manual
Function: soft hair
Color: white, black, black wavy hair, black flat hair, white wavy hair, white flat head, black handle bamboo charcoal gray hair head, white handle bamboo charcoal wavy hair,
black handle wave head upgrade, black handle flat head Upgrade, white handle wave head upgrade, white handle flat head upgrade, green handle wave head, green handle flat head
Product Size: 18.5*1.5*1.6cm
Material: environmentally sterile fiber hair + ABS high light handle
Packing: opp bag & PVC cylinder

Package Content:
1x Toothbrush

Additional Information

Peso 43.0 kg
Dimensiones 200 × 100 × 50 cm

White wave head upgrade, White wave upgradeX2, White wavyX4, White flat head upgrade, Black wave upgradeX4, Black wave upgradeX2, White wave upgradeX4, Pink flat head upgrade, Black flat hair, Pink flat head, Green flat head, White gray wave head, Green wavy head, White FlatX2, White grey waveX2, White grey waveX4, White FlatX4, White flat upgradeX4, White wavyX2, White flat upgradeX2, Black gray wave head, White flat upgrade3PC, White wavy hair3PC, White wavy hair, Black flat upgradeX2, Black Wavy Hair, Black flat upgradeX4, White Flat Head, Black Wavy Hair3PC, Black wave upgrade3PC, Green wavy head3PC, Black flatX4, Black WavyX4, Black flatX2, Black WavyX2, Black grey wave3PC, Pink wavy head, White wave upgrade3PC, 1PC Crew cut pink, Green flat X4, Black flat head upgrade, Green flat X2, Green wavy X2, Black wave head upgrade, Green wavy X4, Black flat upgrade3PC, Pink wavy head upgrade, Black grey waveX2, Black grey waveX4, White Flat Head3PC, Green flat head3PC, White grey wave3PC, Black flat hair3PC


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