Elastic chair cover all-inclusive seat cover

Elastic chair cover all-inclusive seat cover


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Product Description


Protect and refresh your old dining chair with this beautiful jacquard dining chair cover. The cover features a beautiful jacquard pattern that adds elegance to any space. You won’t believe this is the cover, now wearing a short chair make-up!
Fabric detail

The seat cover is made of highly elastic fabric (85% polyester and 15% spandex) and is thick enough to protect the chair from dust, stains and other damage. In addition, there are a wide variety of interiors and colors.

Measurement guide

Please measure the size of the chair before ordering
Appropriate size:
Back height: 40-60 cm
Seat length: 38-50 cm
Seat width: 38-50 cm


Additional Information

Peso 196.00 kg
Dimensiones 280 × 370 × 50 cm

4pc Navy blue, 6pc Gark green, Light Coffee, 2 pc Black, 2 pc White, 6pc Black, 6pc White, 4pc Black, 6pc Purple, 2 pc Matcha green, Black, 2 pc Gark green, 6pc Light Coffee, Navy blue, 4pc Wine red, Wine red, 2 pc Light Coffee, 4pc Matcha green, 4pc Purple, Rice white, 4pc Rice white, 4pc White, 6pc Deep coffee, 6pc Navy blue, 4pc Gark green, 4pc Deep coffee, Deep coffee, Gark green, Dark gray, 2 pc Navy blue, 6pc Rice white, 6pc Matcha green, Light gray, 4pc Light gray, 2 pc Rice white, 2 pc Wine red, 6pc Light gray, 4pc Dark gray, White, 2 pc Deep coffee, 2 pc Purple, Purple, 6pc Wine red, 4pc Light Coffee, 2 pc Dark gray, Matcha green, 2 pc Light gray, 6pc Dark gray




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