DC12V LED Car Interior Atmosphere Glow EL Wire Neon Strip Light Rope Tube Lamp

DC12V LED Car Interior Atmosphere Glow EL Wire Neon Strip Light Rope Tube Lamp


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Product Description

Freely bend, paste or hang, can be made into any shape, length can be cut and installed Convenience.
Safe to use, waterproof, no radiation
Soft light, no glare, guaranteed driving safety, and very fashionable, enhance your driving pleasure
Environmental protection green, low energy consumption, 50 ~ 70% of LED lights, 20 ~ 40% of string lights, 1 ~ 10% of neon lights
A wide range of applications, can be used in the car door, center console, steering wheel, seat cushion, seat belt, instrument frame lights, let you forget driving fatigue
Power supply: DC12V
Light color: blue, ice blue, red, white, organge , purple, fluorescent green, pink, yellow, green
Working temperature: -40°C~80°C
Line length: 5M
Wire diameter: 2mm
1. The cold light must be connected to the drive before it can be used, and it cannot be directly connected to the power supply.
2. The cold light can be cut at will, but the tail needs to be cut flat, and the cut part needs to be connected to the drive to light.
3. The installation of cold light plugs in the interior is distorted at will and does not affect the light emission.
Package included:
1x EL Wire Light Strip
1x Drive

Additional Information

Peso 90 kg
Dimensiones 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Red, Ice Blue


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