Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth Headphone


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Product Description

Function: Call function
Channel: 2
Bluetooth version: 5.0
How to use: Head-mounted
Lunch break: Isolation of glare and noise, listening to music for a moment, comfortable and comfortable
Strong blackout, no ear pressure: immerse in the ocean of music and sleep
Wireless Bluetooth Music Eye Mask: Music + Eye Mask = Good Sleep
Small earphones wrapped in a soft eye mask, 360 degree sleeping position 0 pressure is not oppressive
Music goggles – four core selling points
  1, music playback 2, Bluetooth connection 3, assisted sleep 4, breathable comfort



Additional Information

Peso 86.0 kg
Dimensiones 400 × 350 × 50 cm

Brown, Gray, Black 3PCS, Grey 2PCS, Black 2PCS, Grey 3PCS, Black, Black5767


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