Avast Premium 2020 – 1, 3, 5 y 10 PC 1, 2, 3 años 2020 avast!

Avast Premium 2020 – 1, 3, 5 y 10 PC 1, 2, 3 años 2020 avast!

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DISPOSITIVOS Avast Premium 1, 3, 5 y 10
¡Avast Premium proporciona la máxima facilidad de uso y la protección más intuitiva con un impacto mínimo en su PC!

Recibirá la licencia válida para la versión completa en inglés de Avast Premium para 1, 3, 5 y 10 DISPOSITIVOS con los que puede convertir la versión de prueba gratuita en la versión legal completa y puede usarse
por 1, 2, 3 años. actualizaciones GRATIS.


Product Description

DISPOSITIVOS Avast Premium 1, 3, 5 y 10

¡Avast Premium proporciona la máxima facilidad de uso y la protección más intuitiva con un impacto mínimo en su PC!

Recibirá la licencia válida para la versión completa en inglés de Avast Premium para 1, 3, 5 y 10 DISPOSITIVOS con los que puede convertir la versión de prueba gratuita en la versión legal completa y puede usarse

por 1, 2, 3 años. actualizaciones GRATIS.

Entrega: con todas las funciones para 1, 3, 5 y 10 dispositivos

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Requisitos del sistema:

Windows 7, 8, 10

Additional Information


1, 3, 5, 10


1, 2, 3

Estado del artículo:


Min. Hard Drive Space:

500 MB



Operating Systems:

Windows 10, 8, 7





Min. Processor Speed:

1 GHz


Antivirus/Internet Security

Min. RAM:

1 GB


Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Griego

10 valoraciones en Avast Premium 2020 – 1, 3, 5 y 10 PC 1, 2, 3 años 2020 avast!

  1. Mole

    Updated 22 May to Rate as a P.O.S.I was having problems with a current generation system running Windows 7 on a system board with 16G RAM and a recent AMD Ryzen processor. One might expect that to perform really well when just running business apps like MS Office. Probably would if Avast wasn’t using 90% of cpu resource from all 4 cores. Hence the POS desination.To add insult to injury, the s/w refuses to uninstall. I guess the authors realise it’s a POS because there is a utility on their web site designed solely to remove Avast whe it won’t uninstall normally.My original review read:Very few people or organisations are in a position to test or check the effectiveness of anti-virus s/w so one just has to take it on trust that this product is as good in that (anti-virus) department as reviewers say it is.What most reviews fail to mention is that Avast have the arrogance to not only change a lot of (Windows) settings as part of their installation but are also too lazy to tell you that has happened.To add insult to injury, even in this paid-for version, stupid annoying pop-ups keep appearing that have no business interrupting what one is otherwise doing.Changing Windows network settings so that a private LAN (a.k.a. home network) becomes identified as public and then turning on their less than clever firewall means, amongst many other things, that network shares are suddenly not working. Infuriating, especially as an ant-virus suite is hardly the first place one expects to look to diagnose share problems. (The only real give-away was the sudden failure of local hosts to ping one another).On top of all that PC Magazine have recently found that the supposedly anonymous data Avast asks permission to collect is not that anonymous at all.I suspect also, but this I cannot really prove or substantiate, that Avast has had some degree of responsibility for recent system slow-downs and crashes I have seen.Other than price it’s hard to see a reason to use this offering.

  2. Cherra Joseph

    This works. Ignore the negative comments. I have been using avast for years, even have the cleanup as well. Since I had it before all I did was enter the activation code. And that’s it, 2 years protection for the price of 1. Just wish I discovered this sooner. I would advise waiting for you previous subscription to finish before putting the new code. The response to the question implied that I would keep my days plus the addition 2 years but that didn’t happen. Oh well I only lost 25 days.This really works and it is so much more affordable. My computer runs smoothly, the cleanup i would recommend even if it’s a bit expensive. I’m not a tech person so I like the simple stuff.If this is your first time using avast download then go under my license, you will see «enter activation code» , enter the long code there and your done.You can also customize to avoid the ads for other products like the cleanup and vpn by going under settings , general, privacy. Simply uncheck the boxes.Hope this helps

  3. Mark

    The activation code provided with the product did not work. The company refused to provide a working code even after Amazon called them directly on a 3 way conference call with myself and Avast to confirm the purchase and I provided Avast the email confirmation of purchase. If this is an example ofAvast’s customer service with a minor issue like a faulty activation code, I can’t imagine how effective they would be with anything else.Will purchase software from a different company.I will say that the Amazon Prime customer service really made the effort to work with me.

  4. Cor

    I had been using Kaspersky software, but the big box store dropped it, so after some checking I ordered the Avast Internet Security two year paid subscription from Amazon. The first thing that Avast Internet Security did was to run a scan and them me several more Avast services that I needed to order. After screwing up my computer by doing a couple of things that Avast said was a problem, I worked on my computer to straighten it out again, uninstalled Avast Internet Security then ordered Kaspersky Internet Security from Amazon. Kaspersky Internet Security is a little more expensive, but it is worth it. I did have a couple of problems installing Kaspersky, but after a couple of calls to Kaspersky, I am happy and safe without having to be told I need to order something else.

  5. Karen and Wayne Madeley

    UPDATEinstalled this and it said it expires in 30 days.Fixed the blue screen of death (no help from avast on that)still said it expires in 30 days but avast finally fixed that to the proper time took about a week.After the reinstall with a different activation code. time was correct.as others have noted Avast seems to vastly slow down my system but only on online games.went back to bitdefender after all NO slowdown and work just fine. guess i wasted money on avast.talked to my stepson and he had a similar trouble in 2018 of expires in 30 days never got that fixed on his computerstill advise don’t waste your money even at the discount price.

  6. L. Hanson

    This product stopped my computer dead in its tracks. All webpages took several minutes (i.e. >2 min) to download, even Google.com. If you are an IT expert (or married to one) go ahead, for there are online Avast forums to help with this common problem, but if you just want to download some antivirus software and be on your merry way, this is not it. Not being an IT guru myself, I had to use my iPad to search for how to get this crap off my MacBook. After uninstalling, I can use my computer again.And…it states you can use it on up to 5 devices, but when I tried to put it on my iPad, the only option presented was to purchase their plan for buku bucks, as if they did not know I had already paid. the whole thing is false advertising. Downloading antivirus software should not be this difficult.

  7. River Chick

    ****Okay, I had to come back here to update my review. After rebooting my computer 3 times and entering the license key 2 separate times, it finally updated to the 2 year subscription. Geez! Maybe they should update the instructions for installing….lolAvast needs to get their act together. Just purchased the 2 year subscription. Added the license key after installing the program and it says the subscription only has 29 days left. Looks like other reviewers have the same problem. I will email AVAST to figure this out but I shouldn’t have to do this…ugh! I will also add that rebooted my computer twice but it still says 29 days left…

  8. Hannahsmom

    This software is a joke. Since I installed it, my desktop runs at a snail’s pace (and that’s being generous). To add insult to injury, it sends me pop ups (which I have turned off from all sources – including, I thought, this) pretty constantly asking me to buy more of their products. Nooo way.If I could give a negative star, I would. Avoid this product.

  9. D. Bui

    I want to first off address a couple of items that people were confused with since I almost didn’t purchase the product because of these negative reviews. But I did and here’s what I found:1) You can CUSTOMIZE your install to remove annoying components like «Software Updater» and «SafePrice» — just read the short description for each by clicking on the «?» icon and decide for yourself if you want it installed. Look for the option to customize your install at the BEGINNING of the installation. «Customize» is in smaller font below the big «INSTALL» button – if you click install, it will install everything.If you have already installed everything you have 2 options: 1) uninstall and reinstall by using the customize option, or 2) go to the Components tab and uninstall/remove components that you do not want. NOTE: If you install «VPN» or «Passwords» you will have to purchase them separately after installation.2) The subscription is for 2 years (or 730 days). It starts off as 30 days so you have to ACTIVATE your software. Here’s how. Open up the Avast Internet Security panel > Subscriptions > Enter the Activation Code (found in your Amazon purchase history or software library). Then it will prompt you to register. After you register, the 2 years will show for your subscription.Hope that helps.

  10. Tony

    Had to restart my PC multiple times for Avast to actually open. Eventually I looked at task manager and noticed not 1, not 10, not 100, but HUNDREDS of avast installer running all at once. I couldn’t figure out why my pc was so slow after trying to install Avast! Well, there it was! And after all that pain, it won’t let me enter the activation code! It tells me it can’t be used!

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