How were Jennifer Lawrence’s photos stolen?

How were Jennifer Lawrence’s photos stolen?

Some of the stars affected by the leak – such as Ariana Grande or Victoria Justice – denied that the photographs were real.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence’s representatives confirmed that the images of the American actress are hers and assured that «the authorities have been contacted and anyone who posts the stolen photos» of the 24-year-old interpreter will be pursued.

This Monday a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States (FBI, for its acronym in English) told local media that they are going to work to try to find out the identity of the hacker or the hackers who have made the images public, in which those affected appear naked or in provocative poses.

It is not yet known how the photographs were obtained, although specialized media in technology point out that they could have been obtained illegally from Apple’s virtual data storage platform iCloud or from a similar service such as Dropbox, in which it is stored in a remote information from devices such as computers, cell phones or tablets.

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